Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dan Ross Buettner

My friend Dan Buettner just scanned his experimental final and put it up on his website. Check out this project and others at

A Vast Wasteland

In Ancient Roman times, the furniture within the triclinium, or dining
room, were carefully arranged in order to aim the guests' view towards
a certain direction. On the opposite wall, grandiose paintings and
murals were displayed for the enjoyment of the guests and host alike.
These paintings were not only a means for the owner to flaunt his or
her wealth, but were also intended to stimulate conversation by
encouraging the discussion of the art and its possible meanings.

In today's world, television has taken its place as the focal point
within the typical American household. Unlike the engaging nature of
the art or intellectual conversations of the Romans, television lacks
the interactive quality that stimulates the mind. A viewer becomes
passive and surrenders his or her senses to the perpetual flood of
information and images. Satisfaction is never achieved through
television because the viewers are lulled into a perpetual state of
boredom, despite television's promises of eliminating the humdrum of
everyday life. It is not uncommon for people to switch on the
television even though there is nothing of particular interest being
broadcast. Television has become the ultimate distraction from the
world before us due to its constant demand for attention. Rather than
engage with one's company, society has created a fallback plan for
those to avoid human interaction while simultaneously creating the
illusion of bonding with those sharing the screen.

This series, entitled
A Vast Wasteland (a phrase coined by the FCC
chairman, Newton N. Minow, in 1961) is inspired by a personal
awakening to the alienating and time-consuming nature of television.
The images act as visual representations of television's power to
drain the emotion and vigor of those willing to submit to it.

Saturday Night Live

Without a Trace

The Real World

The Bachelorette

The Bachelor



Curb Your Enthusiasm

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